Math program offers our students to have a firm foundation on counting, logical thinking, comparing, predicting, classifying, problem solving, grouping, sorting, value concepts, spatial relations concepts, weight, length, capacity, and money through singing and fun activities.


English (Language Arts) program provides our students to have a solid foundation in reading, sound and letter recognitions by learning rhymes and songs.  Also, listening, speaking, and writing skills will be incorporated by creating an environment of “I Love to Read” where teachers read books throughout the day.


Science program introduces our students to open their eyes to the nature by guiding them to experiment, observe, touch, feel, and to have a sense of curiosity to the fascinating natural world.  Students have the opportunity to explore life, earth, and physical science through fun hands –on activities.

Music program provides students to learn songs, rhythm, poem, and rhyme songs by singing, dancing, and moving their whole bodies.  By doing so, students will learn to express themselves positively and creatively to different types of music such as jazz, contemporary music, classic, and instrumental. 


Arts & Crafts offer a wide range of opportunity to work with fun materials to express their imagination creatively and artistically.  As teachers provide stimulating and exciting materials, students will discover their innovative and unique styles.  Moreover, teachers will introduce influential artists and their styles to understand the diverse culture of art.

Gym is the time where students engage in creative movement, express their active energy, and develop physical fitness which promotes self-confidence and high self-esteem.  Also, this program allows children to learn to be healthy and to have a healthy habit.  Muscle co-ordination and eye –hand co-ordination are introduced.

Social Studies (Manners & Cultures) program offers students to belong to a community by teaching them manners and diverse culture to be respectful, responsible, polite, and good-decision making citizens.  In each classroom, students’ social skills develop by sharing, taking turns, helping teachers and friends around the classroom.  Also, students have the opportunity to explore different culture and countries by fun games, crafts, songs, special visitors from the community help students to open their eyes to a diverse world and community.

Cooking Class offers students to develop science skills, nutrition, self-confidence, and communication skills, following directions, eye-hand co-ordination skills, sensory skills by touching and feeling different kinds of food.  Also, math and language concepts are incorporated as well.  It is a fun class for students to make their own food which promotes their sense of achievement.

After School Activity such as Ballet, Private Art Class, Gabe (Froebel Gift), Korean.

Monthly Event such as Pajama Day, President Day, Korean Day, Easter Day, Earth Day, Family Day, Color Day, Field Trip, Summer School, Graduation Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, and many more.